Your role in Flinks: Design, build, and maintain efficient large-scale systems.

As a infrastructure specialist, you will ensure that Flinks’ services have (1) reliability and uptime appropriate to users' needs, and (2) a fast rate of improvement.

You will be responsible for the availability, performance, monitoring, and incident response of Flinks’ API.


Flinks' API is a critical service for our clients. Our technology is behind the most innovative FinTech companies in the world, including the likes of TransferWise, WealthSimple, and nearly a hundred other FinTechs. These companies rely on us so their users can get a good experience from their solution.

Challenge: hypergrowth

The sizeable grounds covered by Flinks to this day has been achieved in less than 12 months of commercialization.

The trajectory of the company, explained by the combination of the quality of the team, coupled with an exceptional market timing, means that managing growth will be the single most challenging portion of your job.

More about You

You have the ‘SRE mindset’: you recognize that you’re often in the best position to build the tooling that’ll help solve problems your team is facing, and you’re not afraid to get hands and do the coding - even if you’re much more an infrastructure expert than a coding expert.

You’ve worked closely with agile teams, understand in depth their methodologies.

Your strenghts:

-High Availability & Failover (load balancer, wan balancer, clusters)
-Container (Docker) Container Orchestration (Kubernetes, Rancher)
-Servers (Windows, Linux, AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform)
-Logs (ELK, loggly, logentries, splunk)
-CI/CD (Jenkins/VSTS/Travis)
-Scripting/Tooling (bash, powershell, Go, Python, Ruby)
-Monitoring (Nagios, Datadog, New Relic)
-Storage (object storage, physical storage)
-Backup & Disaster recovery
-Security (PCI, WAF, Audits)

You’re comfortable with:

Entreprise SaaS (Slack, GSuite, Office 365, VSTS)
Automation (Ansible, Salt, Puppet, Chef)
-.NET & C#
-HTML, CSS, JS, Javascript

More about Flinks

Flinks is an API company that provides a gateway to financial data. With a mission to democratize access to, and enhance the value of financial data, Flinks is behind the most innovative financial services in the world, and in virtually all segments of finance.

Flinks is following the path of some of Canada’s leading tech companies including Shopify, Wealthsimple, and Slack, with a nomination at the Canadian Innovation Awards for top New Startup of the year.

Flinks tech is a core-to-business component for companies that are reshaping the world of finance - TransferWise, WealthSimple, and nearly a hundred other FinTechs.

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