Job Description

Sidekick Interactive is a young and dynamic company which primarily develops mobile applications (native iOSand Android solutions) for a variety of different clients. We’ve worked on innovative and demanding projects forthe City of Montreal, car2go, startups and european clients, to name a few. Our more sophisticated apps requirebackends that are built on top of Microsoft technolgies (Azure Cloud, ASP.NET MVC, C#, Web API, Azure MobileApp Services, Azure SQL, Azure Storage, etc).

We are looking for some extra help with the server side work. The ideal candidate is a full stack ASP.NETdeveloper who can handle some web front-end work, but it should be noted that most of the significant workloadwill be back-end, and so this knowledge is more of a priority. Most of the projects we are working on aretechnically challenging, so you should be comfortable with problem solving, and implementing solid softwareengineering principles.


  • Develop back-ends for mobile applications using technologies like Azure Mobile Services, ASP.NET Web API, and ASP.NET MVC
  • Model and implement databases with Entity Framework
  • Develop some web front-end views for administrator web portals (to manage the mobile applications)
  • Develop server side logic for things like push notifications and alerts
  • Take part in planning, technical discussions, and problem solving. We are looking for someone who can actively contribute to solutions.
  • Write some documentation
  • Manage deployments of resources


  • University degree in computer science or software engineering
  • C#
  • ASP.NET MVC and Web API (we are currently already using Core 1.0, but 4.5 is okay)
  • Entity Framework
  • Basic web front-end knowledge (HTML5/CSS3, Bootstrap, Javascript, JQuery)
  • Good understanding of relational database modeling
  • Good understanding of software engineering principles, and ability to write clean and understandable code.
  • Writing unit tests
  • Documenting your work
  • At least 1 years experience with ASP.NET MVC

Nice to Have

  • Great web front-end knowledge (Ajax / ability to create bootstrap themes / a javascript framework like KnockoutJS or AngularJS)
  • Strong On-Premise SQL Server and Windows Server knowledge (one of our clients requires an on-premise solution)
  • Good with UX and discussing designs
  • Experience with Azure Cloud
  • Experience with Continuous Integration / Delivery / Deployment
  • Experience with Agile development
  • Bilingual (French & English)
  • Some knowledge of computer vision or AI (completely not necessary short term, but could be interesting for some future projects in the pipeline)
  • Able and willing to learn new technologies. We are a small team, so the more flexible each team member is the easier we can adapt. It would be nice to find someone who would be cable of learning a bit of iOS or Android as well. If you already know Java or SWIFT, even better.


  • Quick learner
  • Easy to discuss problems with
  • Able to validate your own work
  • Autonomous
  • Problem solver
  • Passionate about technologies and keeping up with latest trends
  • Calm temperament, even in stressful situations
  • Able to work in a team
  • Knows how to play Witcher 3’s GWENT card game **
  • Is careful about not giving spoilers for shows like Game of Thrones ***

** Not required, but always a plus
*** Absolutely required

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